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We specialise in Holistic Horse Care ..... Enjoy!

Equine Rhythm Beads


Bring focus, colour, rhythm and harmony to your horsemanship with our unique custom made Rhythm and Mane Beads.

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Equine Assisted Therapy


The healing power of being around horses  is  undisuputed. 

No prior horse/riding experience is required. Suitable for all ages and abilities. 

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Bitless & Bareback Riding


For beginners & experienced rider alike! A fun, informative Taster session you'll enjoy!

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'Share my Shire'


Come and meet our Gentle Giant, Shire Horse, Ollie, in a  bespoke package tailored just for you.

This is a perfect session for a family treat, self development, or as a big 'Bucket List' tick !

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'Mindful Horsemanship'


Using horse-centered, kind,  empathic training and a 'think outside the box' approach I will help you experience the 'World of Equus' from the horse's point of view. 

Are you ready?

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Total Contact Saddle Trial


We are an official demonstrator of the innovative, treeless Total Contact Saddle. Test ride this brilliant saddle on either our horse or your own!

Special discount code for £25 off every Total Contact Order when booked through Angel Horse ! 

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Barefoot Hoof Help


For everything you need to know about starting you horse's journey to barefoot! 

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Maddie 'The Angel Horse'


Maddie is the horse who started it all for us!  Without her we would never be the horse people we are today!

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Our Horses Past & Present


Meet the horses who have touched   our lives and taught us so much!       

Warning: Graphic Content.     

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