Barefoot Hoof Help


Going ' Barefoot' ...

 All of our horses  have been transitioned  to barefoot. It's not just about taking off the shoes, every other aspect of the horse is also affected and must be considered.

Imagine baking a cake without having any knowledge of cookery. You might have all the ingredients, but if you don't make the mix correctly, you may well get a cake, but will it be the best it can be? Probably not. 

Diet, trim, environment, hoof hygiene, correct workload,  time, commitment and knowledge is all crucial to get it right. I know how hard it is as I've struggled myself in the past to find the right balance of input for each horse we've had.

It can also be hard to imagine your horse being barefoot successfully, especially if it's all new to you & you  have no one to show you how.  

What I offer

One of the best ways to process new information is  to learn by 'doing'.,as opposed to reading about things, or just listening to someone telling you. I  offer a good basic introductory Workshop, which is designed to be 'hands-on', fun and informative, which is  presented  from an  experienced owners point of view. 

I cover all the common aspects of starting the transitioning of your horse to barefoot, plus tips & tricks for success that I've learned along the way. 

Even if you are an experienced horse owner, or have a shod horse, I am confident you will learn something new! I will also be happy to signpost you to some of the best Hoof-care Products and Barefoot Hoof Professionals around.

Please note:   I do NOT offer a barefoot trimming service or veterinary advice. If you are concerned about the welfare of your horse you should contact the relevant professional as soon as possible.

Wokshop details

Come & work with our barefoot Shire, Ollie. You haven't picked out a hoof until you've picked out a Shire Hoof!  As with all horses, his feet are a work in progress. The  picture at the top of this page is one of his 'Winter Feet' when things are going well!

Learn our own tips and tricks for healthy, successful barefoot transitioning and daily hoof care.  It takes time and effort to grow and keep a good foot and it can be even harder when it's on a heavy horse !!!

There will be plenty of opportunity  to ask as many questions as you need to, and to  have a go yourself.  We also make our own hoof-care products from  a range of natural ingredients, which you'll be able to see in use.

£35 per session - 2 hours - max two attendees per visit.  Cost may be split between participants.