Bitless is Best

Dawn & Ollie hacking out bareback with a nose-rope sidepull bridle.

Dare to tread a New Path ....

Do  you want to find out first hand why so many of us are treading a new path? Look no further!

I offer Taster sessions for both Bitless  and Bareback  riding with a range of kit to try with my horse, or your own.  

We have a number of different styles of bit less bridles  you can try , and have the option to ride completely bareback or with our Deluxe imported bareback pad.

I also offer  a unique Trial Service for  the innovative  treeless  Total Contact Saddle.  

For details of my Trial Service please click the link below.

Hayley & Maddie out hacking in a rope haler & Rhythm Beads, in local 700 acre Country Park.

Horses understand 'less is more' !

Are you interested in bitless  riding but are worried you will have '' no brakes or control'? Have you been told 'bits are only as harsh as the hands they are in'? Sadly, they are not.

Strapping a horse down with restrictive bridles, bits, gadgets and heavy saddles can cause, in our opinion, more problems than it all allegedly 'solves'.

There is absolutely no scientific data anywhere, to my knowledge, that shows horses are safer and more ' controllable' with a bit. 

However, there is a wealth of proven scientific data which shows how harmful and painful bits can be to horses, including causing real damage to tissue, bone, teeth and nerves , panic and fear related behaviours, and physical and emotional pain and trauma.

If a horse feels comfortable, and above all safe, they can, and will, try as hard as possible for you. 


 For definitive and reliable research on the negative effects of the bitting of horses check out: 'Metal in the Mouth', by respected US Vet Dr Robert Cook.


Your horse will thank you.

 Metal  bits are a Bronze Age instrument, before that humans used ropes or  pieces of wood fixed in the horses mouth, to guide and control their  movement and direction. 

This  is  the 21st Century.  As a species humans have access to qualitative  scientific studies and data to support the fact that biting does not  actually 'solve' anything. 

Shouldn't the way we treat our horses now  reflect this ??? 

In the 11 years I've been introducing people & horse to bitless riding I've never had anyone leave a session dissatisfied, and never had a horse who wasn't more relaxed, calmer and responsive than before we started. FACT.  

But don't take it from me!I know it works ! Listen to your horse !!!

Rates:  You Pay per session not by the hour.

1 person  - £30 

2 or more - £25 

Area covered: East Midlands, UK.

Mileage  over 5 miles from DE7 postcode charged at 30p per mile . Bookings for   2 or more clients, any mileage charge may be shared between clients.

To discuss your requirements please contact Dawn  for further information on 07840 873925 

Dawn & Ollie riding tackless, with Rhythm Beads.

Your Horse will thank you.