Equine Assisted Therapy


Option 1: Visit Us & work with our Therapy Horse, Ollie.

Ollie is our 10 year old, 17.1 hh bay Shire Gelding registered with the Shire Horse Society. He weighs 775 kgs, more than some cars! He is kept as naturally and holistically as possible and is an 'iron free' horse. ( He has no metal shoes or metal bit in his mouth ) He is  gentle, tolerant and calm, Horses are great mirrors and are much better at reading us than vice versa. Whether you are just down in the dumps and would like a different type of 'pick me up' or are seeking a more structured form of assistance to recovery and wellbeing, please get in touch, we'll be glad to help.We can work with either yourself as a private client or in conjunction with your caregivers and health team to provide an appropriate solution.


Option 2: We bring Ollie to you!

This option is perfect for  Residential Homes , Hospices and Hospitals. Wecomprehensively risk assess your premises several days before our visit to see if we can  set up an outside safe space for the clients to visit the horse. They are encouraged to interact with him as much or little as they wish. Perfect for assisting your clients to recall the working heavy horses of their younger days. We have had huge success with this approach in local care homes. Staff have reported that residents appeared  happier,  more willing to initiate and sustain conversations and interaction with others, one lady smiled for Ollie when she hadn't done so for months.  Most of the residents even remembered his name for many months after the visit and CQC reports for one Care Home rated the activity as an innovative and resounding success.

The Dowson family visiting Ollie

Key benefits of Equine Therapy

  1. expanding confidence & self esteem
  2. creating & maintaining organisational slkils
  3. goal setting and achieving targets
  4.  improving assertiveness,  
  5. recognising, establishing & respecting boundaries,
  6. improving communication skills. 
  7. helping  trigger long term memory recall, especially in elderly clients  
  8. experiencing something new 
  9. HAVING FUN !!!

Clients will work with  our Therapy Horse, Ollie, a 10 year old Shire Horse, who has  almost 5 years experience in this work. He has worked successfully with both children and adults, from a variety of different backgrounds, many of whom have  very different and difficult personal challenges.


Ollie has helped clients with both low, non verbal and high functioning autism, depression, anxiety, learning difficulties, bereavement, violence ,abuse and childhood trauma. Many of his eldery clients are between early to late stage dementia. Ollie is gentle and calm with them all. 

Many of his fans are now repeat visitors ! Ollie is a fantastic guide and teacher and will always give his best.

Privacy Policy

We will never share your personal information with third parties. 

Any sessions that are video recorded or photographed will never be used without prior permission of the participants.