Maddie - 'The Angel Horse'

Crossed The Rainbow Bridge 15-11-201

Do you believe in Angels ?

Meet Maddie ! She was the horse that started it all for us.  If ever there was an Angel on Earth , it was her. All our work is dedicated to her. Without Maddie,  and the lessons she taught us,  'Angel Horse' would have never grown wings and flown. We simply would not be here without her.  

It's human nature not to want to put faith in something we can't actually see or touch. Angels are a bit like this. Most of the time, when our lives are touched by the extraordinary, we just don't realise it . We explain it away as 'just a coincidence'  or 'one of those things' ..... but sometimes it's not. 

Sometimes things happen because they need to.  We don't always recognize it because we are human and we have a  very fast paced world to live in, and a very different agenda. 

Angels, and beings of light, only work from a place of the highest love and intent. They come in all shapes and sizes and often you won't even realise what's happened . That's because Angels only let you know that when the time is right !  

 Before beautiful Maddie came into our lives we didn't know about Angels either. Here's how we learnt!



How The Angel Horse came to Earth

Maddie's Story

'Every once in a while there comes a time when there are just too many Angels in heaven.  So ... instead of running out of room, the Angels agreed that, every so often, one of them would come back to Earth, to watch over us, and to help. '  

'The Angels knew they would be very busy indeed if they all  came back to Earth looking like Angels so they made a plan. They decided to disguise themselves, so that they could concentrate on helping those who really needed them the most.'         

'Some of the Angels chose to return to Earth as people and some chose to return as animals  ... and the  plan worked!  In fact, it worked so well that most of those they helped never even realised they had met an Angel at all.'         

'You see, often the only way you can really spot an Angel is the way that they are with the rest of the world. Often, it's not what they do, but what they don't do,  that makes them  stand  out.'        

 'Angels give instead of take, they listen instead of hear, they communicate instead of talk, they smile instead of frown, they heal instead of hurt, they help instead of hinder and they love instead of judge.'

'  But, best of all, when things are really bad and you think that nothing good will ever happen again ... they come into your life and turn it upside down - for the better! This is what happened to  us .....'

Learn More

Maddie's Story is featured in a brand new book called  ' From Their Heart to Yours - True tales of friendship of Inspirational horses and the people who love them'   by  Top UK Animal Communicator - Holly Davis .  Available now in paperback or Kindle from  Amazon.