'Mindful Horsemanship' Tuition

'It's your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude ! '

Dealing with  horses is not always easy or pleasant, especially if a problem arises you aren't ready for. 

Calm, confident , mutually respectful groundwork, and using the right tools for the job are  the keys to success.

 So is the willingness to go back to basics and look to yourself, very often, instead of the horse.

Maybe you already have experience but are looking for a different view on a particular issue, or perhaps you are confident and just want to expand your skill set? 

Leading, loading, improving ground manners, setting boundaries, liberty work and free schooling, confidence building, leg handling are just some of the topics covered if required.

This Session can also be booked as Non - ridden, and is specifically tailored to your own goals to help you increase your confidence, knowledge and skill set.

Nervous clients, beginners  and non-riders are most welcome!

What I offer

Groundwork with a client's horse.

Sometimes we all need a second pair of eyes when we're feeling stuck with our horse/human partnership. 

Using horse-centered, natural, kind empathic training and a 'think outside the box' approach I can help you build upon your partnership's existing skills  & strengths, & we can work together to  identify areas for both celebration, and improvement. 

You can either come to work with my own horse, Ollie, a 17 hand Shire, who excels at giving confidence , or I can visit you. 

The benefit of working with my horse, especially if you are new to this type of horsemanship, is that he already knows what to do. 

Even if you are experienced with horses, I am confident I can show you different ways to look at any issues you may be having, so you have a level platform to start from. 

As a certified City & Guilds qualified Trainer I use a wide variety of teaching & assessment techniques to ensure that your learning experience will be informative, inclusive, enjoyable and tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Before your session: 

I will email you a short questionnaire to complete and return before you attend. It helps me to evaluate your current experience, what your goal and expectations are, and what you would like to cover in your session.

 I will also ask you what type of learning style suits you best, I can then pitch your tuition accordingly to provide the best experience possible.

After your session:

I will email you a full report of what we've achieved, any areas for improvement you may wish to work on, and suggestions for how to do so.

I also ask clients to complete  a feedback questionnaire afterwards. This is completely optional, but it really helps me to  continually monitor my services to ensure all my teaching is of the highest standard.

Your personal information is treated with the strictest confidence at all times.

Tuition Rates: 

Visit me & work with my horse :  

£25 per hour

I visit you & work with your horse: £30 per hour. 

Max radius from DE7 - 30 miles. 

Tuition plus 30p per mile. 

To discuss your requirements please contact Dawn  for further information on 07840 873925

Why I'm different


 First of all: I don't offer 'traditional' riding school type tuition & I am NOT a qualified 'Riding Instructor, purely as there are no qualifications for what I specifically do.  

I can however, show you how I achieve the success I do with horses, , what works, what doesn't, and more importantly, WHY. I've found this approach is a far more effective way to be with horses than a 'one method fits all' style of riding and horse management.

Rather than subscribe to any particular training 'method' or brand I work within a Framework of guidelines &  Principles that I feel best reflect my approach. These are:

*  First do no Harm

* L.I.M.A -Least invasive, minimally  aversive

* Equine Ethology -  remember the horse is a horse

* Mindfulness

* The Solution Focused Approach

I practice what I like to  refer to  as  'Mindful Horsemanship'.  'Mindfulness' is about being in the moment, something which horses have evolved to do to survive. 

We deal with the  behaviour,  of both horse and human, that  we have at the time, not on a 'what if' or 'but' basis.  What better way is there than to go with the flow rather than swim against it? It's easier, more effective, and practical for everyone. Win, win !!!

I ride and handle horses 'iron free' so there are no bits, spurs or shoes on my horse. I use a Total Contact saddle, bareback pad or just ride bareback full stop. Sometimes we even ride with no tack at all.


I teach people how to watch the horse, and to imagine what is going through his mind, as a prey animal, when dealing with him.  Once we learn how to always consider and  evaluate things  from the horse's point of view., life becomes much easier for the horse, and for us.   .

I treat my horses as I would like to be treated myself. If I wouldn't eat it,  drink it, sleep on it or put up with it, why should my horse? It's called respect, it's hard  to earn, and mighty quick to lose.

When we are seeking their co-operation, I believe it is our responsibility to be the best communicators we can be . 

After all the horse already knows how to be a horse!  They generally  only have 'issues' when we cause them, however unintentionally.

I evaluate each client beforehand to learn which learning style suits them best. We then set ourselves up for taking the best  path to success. 

'Reading' horses gets easier with time, commitment and practice, and if you are committed to the process you will learn far more about them .... but even more about yourself!

Angel Horse fully supports the Non- Ridden Equine partnership as this is something, that is  greatly undervalued and under represented in the current Global Equine Community.

All sessions can be booked Non- Ridden

Welcome to the journ



From a client working with Ollie:

'Dawn you’re an amazing teacher, giving all the foundations to what it is you do.  It was very interesting and enriching experience.  Ollie is a complete star, he is such a confidence builder with such a sweet, loving nature and he allows you in to his heart and it is such a pleasure working with him. Everything ran really smoothly in a logical fashion, step by step with lots of explanation with each step giving an understanding of what and why we were doing what we were doing. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing animal with me, just overall a great experience.' 

Charlotte, Derby.


From a client working with Ollie:

'You helped me overcome my fear - showed me how to communicate with Ollie in a meaningful way and enabled me to feel confident working with him.  You pitched the coaching to suit me and were respectful of what I was feeling this allowed me to relax and trust your process.You delivered way more than I thought would be possible on a first session so I cant think of anything that could have improved that. Thank you - I still can't believe what was achieved in one session - you're both awesome' 😊

Paula, Derby


From a client whose horse I 

worked with: 

'You gave hands on tips about catching, trying the Total Contact saddle and the nose rope, and fitting tips. Learning a new skill - 'ground driving' & Links to places to find all the equipment. it was great to have a chance to see it all in action. Having you come to us, you were very supportive of me as a rider, and I felt affirmed that my instincts on many things were pretty sound in general. That boosted my confidence. Thank you. 

You Identified his key ‘issues’, soreness & leg splay. You also clearly saw the horse’s strengths; his willingness, his intelligence and the bond we have - that felt good. You also helped me to see areas where I can be more clear in my communication. You nailed that.

 Great tips on tack options. Very kind of you to leave the rhythm beads with us.I think you have great instincts and great insight into the behavioural issues of horses and humans.'

Fiona, Derbyshire