Awarded 1st October 2019

The Non-Ridden Equine


'It's not all about the riding ... '

Fortunately, for some people & their horses these days, the equine world is starting to move away from the concept of 'the horse must have a job'. The rise of interests in more natural methods of horse care and husbandry, together with softer, more empathic training methods have sparked a fast  growing following of people who are happy to just 'be instead of 'do' with their equine friends


Give yourself permission to go for it!

There are many reasons why people are choosing the Non-Ridden route. Some are dispirited and frustrated with the competition world and its lack of progress and forward thinking on more natural aspects of horsemanship.

Others may find they have  an equine that, for health reasons, can no longer be ridden, or they have never ridden, don't want to and are just interested in learning about horses, on the ground 

Some people, including myself, may find their own health now prevents them from riding, but they are unwilling to part with their equine as they have many more years still as a partnership to look forward to.


Lose the agenda, and find the dream !

The only ones you have to justify yourself to is you and your horse! There are plenty of people out there with an opinion and often they aren't shy at sharing it, whether they are right or not and whether you want it or not!

The deepest connection you will ever have with your equines are the moments when you learn to achieve 'nothingness' . It's that time & space that belongs just to you and your horse, those moments are precious, wonderful, empowering and life changing. Don't let anyone take that away from you !!!


Tread a new path

Here are some great alternatives to riding !

*  Give your horse a pamper session
*  Sit in the field or stable & read a book in the background
*  'Watch which plants your horse eats &  research their medicinal qualities
* Join an online Non-Ridden Horse Agility club, learn some new skills  & enter classes online
* Try clicker training & positive reinforcement ( +R )
* Try breathing in sync with  your horse - 'Tune In' !

  To find out more about the Non-Ridden Equine            Please click the link below.         

'It's not what you do, It's how you do it'

Horses 'get' that 'less is more'...

Horses are okay with just being horses! But, as prey animals, they are finely tuned into understanding vibes & agenda. They will appreciate and flourish in an environment where their personalities are freer to be expressed and their emotional needs are met and matched by yours.

Don't expect everything to be perfect!

Even our best plans, or lack of them, go awry. Things will not always flow the way you want , even when you feel you're asking less . Give yourself, and your horse time to adjust to this new way of 'being'. Don't forget you may be the only person in his life so far that's tried it! 

Above all - Enjoy!

We'd love to hear your feedback about what you do with your Non-Ridden Equine! Please contact us on the link button below and send us your stories and pictures of your NRE journey. We'd be  proud to share them on a brand new Gallery here!

Track your Non-Ridden Progress with this brand new App !!!

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Angel Horse is hoping to soon participate in helping the developer expand this great new App to include the Record & Reward platforms for Non-Ridden Equines. You can track & monitor your own Non Ridden Goals as they happen !