Our Angel Horses - Past & Present

Holistic Horse Care

Lavender .. one of our favourite ' go to' remedies!

We believe the best way to keep our horses is as close to how nature intended them to be.

Our horses  are  managed and kept as holistically as we are able to. We feed a natural low sugar, low starch diet with ad lib hay and a range of natural herbs,vitamins &  minerals. 

We also use many natural traditional forms of remedies and healing such as Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, Crystal & Colour Healing, Zoopharmocognosy,  and Animal Communication.

 Horse love this natural approach and will often seek out the Aromatherapy Kit or Crystals out of our pockets themselves ! 

Rehabbing from Neglect


 In the past 10 years we  have successfully re-habbed 3 heavy horses,  1 abandoned un-weaned foal and one severely emotionally traumatised & dangerous warmblood. 

At present we are in the process of working to rehab an old, injured ex-race horse to give him a loving, forever retirement home in the best shape we can get him in.

We are passionate about the whole rehabbing process, not only from they physical point of view, but also identifying, managing and helping to heal the terrible emotional trauma that often accompanies it.

We've turned round horses that even friends and equine professionals have doubted ! 

Meet our special horses below!


One of our rehab horses.

This  is Bonnie, a 20 year old Percheron mare who was left to die of starvation in a field by her owner. This was a case the R.S.P.C.A. visited three times and failed to take appropriate action. When locals decided to rescue her themselves ,Bonnie was taken from  a field where her two companions  lay starved & dead in the mud. She weighed just 525 kgs, was riddled with worms and lice and had a host of old healed broken bones,arthritis in all her legs, and was blind in her right eye.

We responded to a Facebook plea to find her a knowledgeable home who would help her. We traveled 7 hours to Plymouth to meet her and she was so ill we didn't think she would survive the journey home. However, this old lady had fighting spirit! 

We only had Bonnie for 7 months before she passed over The Rainbow Bridge. We gave her a loving, safe home, where she knew kindness at the end of her very hard life.