Rhythm Beads

What are Rhythm Beads?


Rhythm Beads are basically Horse Necklaces! They fit around the neck on the horse's natural 'Drive Line', where the neck meets the body. 

They are also sometimes called Horse Beads, Horse Medicine Beads, Speed Beads or Balance Beads. 

They consist of strings of beads and bells which the horse wears around his neck, just like a necklace. 

Traditionally they can be made, and decorated with, many different materials,  ie: glass, acrylic, textiles, metals, bone, horn, shell, wood, seeds, feathers and nuts.     


How we make our beads:

Angel Horse Beads are unique in that we never use animal products in our crafting. So no leather, feathers, shell, fur, hair, corals,or products made from  hoof, horn or hide here!

Our Beads have a special clear, strong plastic clip to fix to the horse's mane to keep them on safe.

If your horse is hogged, we make a simple attachment to clip the beads securely to your saddle D rings.

We string onto 2/3mm waxed cotton cord. It's strong enough to last years, but has a breaking strain that will give  easily if your horse gets tangled in an emergency.  

We use  a mix of acrylic pony beads in a huge array of colors and finishes, mixed with metallic acrylics,base metal and natural or dyed wooden beads, and handmade glass beads,  for that extra special finish.

Our centre-pieces are custom made, by us,  and you won't find them anywhere else. We have  a good range you can see below in our Accessories Section. 

  If you'd like something extra-special please just ask, we're happy to help ! or fully bespoke metal and glass bead feature charms you won't find anywhere else.

Our Rhythm Beads are also fitted with a sliding cord lock to make them fully adjustable, together with a full product care and safety  instruction leaflet.

Benefits of Rhythm Beads


Help to encourage & focus of horse and rider by helping them to find, &  maintain, consistency of cadence and rhythm within a particular gait, more easily.

Invaluable to both novice and experienced riders alike to encourage a horse to move out, extend or increase / decrease their pace / speed to the rhythm of the bells.    

 They are  an ideal way to  introduce the benefits of Colour & Crystal Therapy to your horse. This can be done by including beneficial colours and crystals, for specific purposes, such as for helping with grounding, calmness , or increasing energy.       

Gaited horses have been noticed to accentuate their gait considerably when wearing Rhythm Beads.  

Endurance teams have reported they feel better able to maintain focus and stay relaxed more easily when using Rhythm beads.

Barrel racers are known to use Rhythm Beads to encourage a faster, harder run during competition, their beads are sometimes known as ‘Speed Beads’!     

Rhythm Beads are particularly useful for calming both nervous horses and riders. The bells are  extremely useful for providing a distraction for  nervous and spooky horses by helping to block out or reduce noises from other sources.     

Bells are also an ideal way to signal your presence to others in the area, particularly if your horse is barefoot!    

Rhythm Beads , correctly placed, sit on the horse's natural 'drive line', which  makes groundwork much easier as the drive line is instantly visible. 

Last but not Least !!!  They are beautiful, unusual, fun and make an ideal ‘I LOVE YOU’ gift for your horse or pony! We can even make you jewellery to match! 

Origins of Rhythm Beads


Ever since we domesticated the horse, cultures the world over have decorated and celebrated their horses.

However, the culture most well known for their love & decoration of the horse, are the Native Americans.      

They decorated both themselves and their horses with shells, beads, feathers, painted symbols and protective amulets.      

These decorations were not only beautiful they each served a specific purpose.

The more common ones were to protect both horse and rider from danger in battle, to bring good luck, and to help ward off evil spirits.

Other decorations also  showed the status, and achievements, of both horse and rider. How many battles they  had fought, how many warriors they had killed, and specific acts of bravery or other accomplishments. 

It is from the Native Americans that the origins of Rhythm Beads, as we know them today, are thought to have come from.

The Native American tribes used handmade glass 'trade beads' as part of their currency when trading for supplies. These beads were also known as 'pony beads'.

We also have a stock of traditional Native American glass trade beads which can be incorporated into your designs if required, which we source from an authentic Native American craft supplier.  

We can incorporate these style of beads into bracelets, necklaces, Native American style hat bands and chokers if required.

Placing an order

Everything we make is Custom, so no two orders are alike in finish or price. For an exact costing, and to discuss your requirements, please:


Call us:  07840 873925

or Email us: angelhorse@hotmail.co.uk

No payment required until you are happy with your final design.

Payments via PayPal only thank you.

Free postage on all UK Mainland orders.

Discount available on bulk purchases - please just ask.

Rhythm & Mane Bead Prices

Rhythm Beads


XS:  10hh - 12hh from £19

Small: 12hh - 14hh from £21

Med: 14hh - 16hh from £23

Large: 16hh - 18hh from £25

Other sizes - please just ask

Mane Beads


Double stranded, with strong mane clip, trimmed with tiny bells.

£8 per set or £6 per set  for 2 or more.

Hand-tie bracelet


Free of charge with every set of Rhythm Beads!

Otherwise,  £2 each or 3 for £5

Each in an organza gift bag.

Accessories Prices

Metal filigree heart


Silver, gold or copper-tone. 38mm x 38mm, fitted with a trigger clip  and tiny glass beads.   £3.50

Large metal feather


Silver or gold-tone charm, 58 mm long, fitted with trigger clip & tiny glass beads.  £2.50



Fitted with a trigger clip and trimmed with matching beads.   £6

Lots of colours in stock!

Matching sets


If you'd like a mix of centre-pieces, just let us know, and we'll make them all to  complement your Rhythm Beads.  Discount for 3 or more when bought together.

Angel Charms

Angel Charms

We all need an extra Angel sometimes! Made with glass or crystal beads these charms are the perfect little 'I'm thinking of you' gift. Gold-tome or silver tone trimmed, each comes in an organza gift bag. £2 each of 3 for £5.



Trimmed with glass beads or gemstone chips to match your Rhythm Beads. Silver-tone only at the moment. £6.