'Share my Shire'

Experience our unique approach to Horsemanship.

Our 'Share my Shire' experience began because, over our years of having horses, we've  received so many requests from people who just want to come along and spend time being around them.

'Why not just go to a Riding School?'

Many people are, from our own experience, surpisingly  not interested in actually riding.  Riding schools are great for learning to ride, and progress with your riding, but not many provide instruction in the more natural aspects of horsemanship, ie: groundwork, or provide this particular experience. We can recommend some good local riding schools uoon request.

'What makes this horse experience  different?'

'Being' with horses is  what we feel we do best. It is a world away from 'doing'.  'Doing' is of course necessary in every aspect of life, but it's not what you do, but how you do it, (or not!)  that really counts.

We try to approach our horse time with 'How' and not 'What' and aim to incorporate this ideal into every aspect of our horse care. Consequently, we often approach things very differently to how  others might.


Ollie is kept as an 'iron free' horse, so we don't use traditional 'tack'. He has no  metal bit in his mouth, or  metal shoes on his feet.  In fact, we don't even use a traditional saddle or bridle! 

We use a lot of natural healing methods and management techniques you may not have seen elsewhere and we are more than happy to share our effective and successful working practices and knowledge with you. We guarantee you will learn something new, even if you're used to being around horses!  

'What can I do during my visit?'

Our daily  routine varies throughout the seasons, according to weather, climate and workload. There  is always something new and interesting to do and learn. If there is a particular activity you would like to try we will do our best to include it.

'Who is this activity  suitable for?'

This activity is suitable for people of all ages. Our youngest visitor to date is a month  old, our most senior, almost 90 years young! 

'Share my Shire' is a perfect  'pick-me-up' treat for yourself or a special friend, this option is also  a huge favourite for a unique, interactive  Family Experience. 

No prior horse experience is needed. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn, details are provided at time of your enquiry / booking. You will be provided with asuitable protective  hat on the day .


Some of our daily jobs !!!

  • Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Tack cleaning
  • Hoof conditioning 
  • Exercising
  • Groundwork
  • Feeding
  • Making  natural remedies
  • 'Walking the medicine trail'
  • Lots of horsey hugs
  • ... and of course

          MUCKING OUT !!!!!

What can I do next?

When we 'Shared our Shire' with a Film Company!

Local Uni Students needed a horse ...

In early 2016, Local ,Up and Coming Film Director, Oliver Blair, was looking for a safe horse to take part in a futuristic gang movie he'd written called 'Once upon a Time in Winchester'. The male lead, 'Montel', needed a horse to go settle his gang related issues on. 

Ollie starred as himself and was brilliant for the whole days filming, especially given that the actor playing 'Montel'  was a complete non- rider. I did the stunt 'gallop over the horizon' shot at the end .. but we all had a great day!