Steps for success


Mother Nature knows best!


We believe the best way to keep our horses is as close to how nature intended them to be. However, it's not always so easy to do. Time, budget, knowledge, commitment, facilities, or the lack of them, and our human agenda, all play  a big part in how people manage the keeping of their horses.

Our horses  are  managed and kept as holistically as we are able to. We feed a natural low sugar, low starch diet with ad lib hay and a range of natural herbs,vitamins &  minerals. 

We also use many natural remedies  such as Essential Oils & Aromatherapy and a range of healing treatments which include Reiki, Shiatsu, Crystal and Colour Healing. 

Horse love this natural approach and will often seek out the Aromatherapy Kit or Crystals out of our pockets themselves ! 

We  highly recommend the services of top UK Animal Communicator, Holly Davis, of Centaur Therapies.

Think outside the box !

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and try completely new avenues. 

 Zoopharmocognosy:  is the science behind the theory that animals are extremely good at knowing what  remedies they actually need for themselves, and seeking those out from their natural habitat via certain plants & minerals.

Animal Communication.  What better way to find out exactly what your horse needs, than to get it straight from the horse's mouth? 

This takes the guess work out of so many situations.   This is usually our first port of call for problem solving, especially with animals struggling with the after effects of emotional and physical neglect and abuse.


Stand in your own truth.

There are people in the world that will never agree with others, even though their reasons for disagreeing can be disproved time and time again! 

Do not be afraid to try new things. Seek out like-minded people who can help you and embrace change if that is what is required. 



Deal with what you have at the time, instead of what has been, or may be. Horses live in the present, and they need us to be  with them in that same time too.


Go back to basics

Following on from Mindfulness ..... If you have to go back a few steps, do it. Whether that means refocusing your plans for a schooling session, or just taking time out for yourself one day instead of  being with your horse, do what you need to do so you can always be your 'best you'. 


Wisdom is more powerful than knowledge!

Embrace the fact that sometimes it's not about what you do, it's about knowing when  to stop that counts more. 

Our human agenda can sometimes become quickly skewed and off course, without us even realising. It's  very easy to lose focus of what we are trying to achieve, and why, especially when we are seeking change and trying to 'help'. 

Listen to your gut feelings. When you take away the human agenda, and  are tuned into yourself, you will know when, and if, to stop. 

This is the difference between wisdom and knowledge !!!