Total Contact Saddles


The ultimate treeless saddle !

The Total Contact Saddle is an innovative treeless saddle that fits a wide variety of horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes. One size really does fit all! 

No, it doesn't look like a a 'traditional' saddle .. because it isn't. But ... you can still do everything in the Total Contact you do in a traditional saddle. 

Visit the Total  Contact website to view the Technical information and their superb Client Reviews. 

Try before you buy !

Angel Horse is super proud to be offered the opportunity to facilitate Trial Sessions for the Total Contact Saddle.

I offer a trial and fitting service in the East Midlands so you trial the Total Contact saddle before you purchase.  

You will also receive photos and videos of your trial, and a list of the equipment you have used in your trial, and links to purchase them from 

Special Discount Code

If you decide to go for it and buy a Total Contact Saddle we are able to offer you a special discount code for £25 off  your order.  

After your Total Contact Trial we will  give you a unique discount code to apply at the Total Contact Equine Solutions checkout. 



'How long will  my Saddle Trial take '?

I generally only take one Saddle Trial client a day. Everyone is different. Some clients are happy and confident within an hour, and some  prefer longer to  incorporate a little schooling, pop a few jumps,or having a go at tacking up and untacking.

 Your fee is therefore a flat rate, not per hour, to ensure you have the maximum time to try the saddle and familiarize yourself with it fully.

 I prefer  to work this way because there is nothing worse than clock watching when you are trying to absorb new information. Every horse and person , and their circumstances are unique. Some things are easier to learn, and teach, than others and I won't leave a session until I am confident that what we have set out to address has been appropriately achieved.

' What equipment will I need for the Total Contact Saddle Trial?'

You will need your horse's usual bridle, girth, saddlecloth or numnah and your stirrups. Please take your stirrups off your leathers as I will bring close contact dressage webbers for you to use.

You must wear a suitable protective riding hat.


'May I have spectators?'

Yes, of course! 



1 person  - £30
2 or more - £25 each
Area covered: East Midlands, UK.

Mileage over 5 miles from DE7 postcode charged at 30p per mile

For bookings of  2 or more clients, any mileage charge may be shared between clients.

To discuss your requirements please contact Dawn  for further information on 07840 873925


From Fiona:

 'Dawn  helped me try out the TCS and it's made a big difference. I've ridden a  Shire and a Standard-bred in the TCS, I've jumped, galloped and shown in a  local schooling show in mine and it's just normal now. Highly recommend  giving it a try!

From Helen:

' Shame Jack had to move  to Scotland before Dawn  could have had another schooling  session with him, but he's going well, learning to wear big boy pants and go solo  in his Total Contact Saddle.'

From Sasha:

' Yesterday, after work, I went to test a new saddle, from Total Contact Equine Solutions in order to see if that may help Rodney feel more secure in his riding with me since he's still being a bit of a bugger and I've got a better idea of what's going on with his back as I ride him.

I rode on a gorgeous Shire called Ollie, owned by Dawn Cox. They allow people to test out the saddle through their website called Angel Horse - Equine Rhythm Beads & Equine Assisted Therapy

It's been an amazing  experience as I'm profoundly deaf too. Loved being with Ollie, and Dawn  was just amazing, patient,  understanding & easy to lipread which made it  all the more fun to learn to ride in the Total Contact on Ollie.  


Towards the end of the saddle trial Dawn got me to try  something unorthodox. Ollie is also ridden in a bitless bridle and the difference to riding  this way and in riding with a  regular saddle and a bit is SOO vast.  it was amazing riding Ollie without the stirrups and bridle. OMG!!! Absolutely freeing to have Ollie responding to just my legs, and  the best part was that he did a circle with his back legs staying  within the same place!! 

I've loved every minute of it and will soon be ordering myself a TC saddle!  Thank you Ollie and Dawn, I'll be back soon!! Xxx