Total Contact Saddle Trials

The ultimate treeless saddle !


The Total Contact Saddle is an innovative treeless saddle that fits a wide variety of horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes. One size really does fit all! 

No, it doesn't look like a a 'traditional' saddle .. because it isn't. But ... you can still do everything in the Total Contact you do in a traditional saddle. 

Visit the Total  Contact website to view the Technical information and their superb Client Reviews. 


Try before you buy !

Angel Horse is super proud to be offered the opportunity to facilitate Trial Sessions for the Total Contact Saddle.

We are based 10 mins drive from Jct 26 of the M1 motorway on a friendly livery yard. We have access to a 20m x 40m outdoor floodlit school and direct off-road hacking. You will be made very welcome! Alternatively, I can visit you and your horse.

Special Discount Code

If you decide to go for it and buy a Total Contact Saddle we are able to offer you a special discount code for £25 off  your order.  

After your Total Contact Trial we will  give you a unique discount code to apply at the Total Contact Equine Solutions checkout. 


Visit me and trial the Total Contact Saddle with my horse: £20 

I bring the Total Contact Saddle to you and your horse: £25 - 15 mile radius of DE7. 

( For Visits more than 15 miles from DE7 -  mileage is charged at 30p per mile)

Please get in touch to discuss your trial requirements. Tel: 07840 873925 or email:


From Fiona:

 'Dawn  helped me try out the TCS and it's made a big difference- I've ridden a  Shire and a Standarbred in the TCS, I've jumped, galloped and shown in a  local schooling show in mine and it's just normal now. Highly recommend  giving it a try!'

From Helen:

' Shame  Jack had to move before Dawn Cox could have had another schooling  session, but he's going well, learning to wear big boy pants and go solo  in his Total Contact Saddle.'